Saturday, February 12, 2011

Will I ever recover from this?

So, i'm obviously late in the game on this one, but I just was directed to watch "2 Guys 1 Horse" a.k.a Mr. Hands gettin' on with his bad self and letting a horse put its foot and a half long winkie in his bum-bum hole. Let me say this to the lucky few who have yet to see/hear of this video: For the love of everything that is pure in the world, do NOT watch this video. I was okay with watching this man's bare ass sticking out in the air. I was okay with watching the other man grab the horse's wiener and direct it toward this man's butt-hole. I was even okay with the fact that I completely realized this man was letting a horse bone him (Well, I wasn't okay with any of this, but I knew what I was getting myself into so it didn't completely disturb me on the level it could have). What I DEFINITELY WAS NOT OKAY WITH was the horrible, gruesome site of that horse's wang when it emerged from that man's derriere. Holy Jesus, I swear to God I will never be the same. There really are some things you can't unsee, and that website is doing the world a favor by limiting the viewing on one computer to once every hour (...yes, i attempted to play it more than once on my computer to show it to a friend so somebody could suffer with me).

Basically, it begs the question: What in the holy hell is wrong with this dude? Did he not see this horse's dick and think to himself, "wow, that is one massive cock. I'm pretty sure my anal canal is not nearly going to accommodate that thing, so maybe i should just let the tip in and call it a day. Then, when it's all said and done, instead of realizing that his ass-naked friend was just mortally wounded, the man filming the whole spectacle simply goes, "Oh. He came." Stop concentrating on whether or not the horse is sexually satisfied and take your friend to a fucking hospital, pronto. Needless to say, the dude died because his pancreas got punctured by the horse's shlong. Darwin Awards, I hope you're listening.


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  2. Dear Becky,

    The video that is on "teh innernetz" is NOT the one in which he got his colon perforated, he did this a lot before the fatal night (I guess it was a night, don't really know this detail actually).
    If you haven't so far, you can check this for a bit of laughing : , and maybe some other more "serious" site about "Mr Hands", wikipedia for instance, which gives more details about the injuries he died from, the horse himself, and so on :
    Hope my english is ok,

    Regards from France,

  3. Dear Becky,
    You know I love ya and we'll be going full force with GCP in 2012 and we love Dusty! hence I'm keeping up with your blog :) I truly thought nothing could stun or gross me out after the trailer for the Human Centipede, but you just topped it. I don't even care what happens to those two idiots, but I feel bad for the horse ;(( That poor horse is the victim.