Monday, February 14, 2011

epic broadcasting fail

Rule #4 of broadcasting: never speak your own weirdo language on camera. Darison? Burtation? Close to actual words, Serene, but no cigar. The funniest part of this is that they're actually trying to claim that this lady had a stroke on camera. I have news for them, however: sometimes you just want to speak some gibberish. Truly, this is a broadcaster's nightmare and as a budding journalist over here, I sincerely pray that NOTHING this randomly awful happens to me.

The greatest part is when she realizes she's speaking Esperanto and takes on a look of disgust, although she knows she's in Esperanto-mode now and there's no turning back. It's like when you speak two languages and you don't know you're speaking in one language and you can't switch back to the other and you're stuck forever in one and OH MY GOD AM I GOING TO BE LIKE THIS FOREVER?!?!?

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