Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Police just violating or freedoms all over the fucking place

A man who filmed the speedometer of his car while driving more than 140 miles per hour so he could post it on YouTube, ended up in jail on Saturday and the video confiscated, police said.

Stanislav Vadimovich Bakanov was pulled over by police on Oregon Interstate 5 after he was clocked driving his black 2005 BMW at 118 mph. He filmed Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Postlewait as he approached the car.

When Postlewait asked why he was videotaping, Bakanov said he was filming his speedometer, and his arrest, to post on Youtube. The video later revealed that Bakanov had attained speeds in excess of 140 mph.

He was arrested and confined in Marion County jail Saturday night, charged with reckless driving and speeding. It was his third speeding incident in the past year. The video was confiscated and will be used as evidence against him.

Not cool, piggy. Not cool at all. I get this guy didn't really get to the part yet where he actually POSTED his speedy ride on YouTube and you didn't arrest him just for seeing the video, but the right idea was there so I call bullshit on YOU. Can't a man just post a cool video to the internet without the Po being all up in his business? I mean, how fucking awesome would it be to see ANOTHER video of people driving really super fast and yelling "140 miles per hour, holy shit!!" on the video. There's never enough dumb shit on the internet, and yes, I watch all of it. It's my right to do whatever the hell I want and post it on the internet. That's my right as an American. Nothing is illegal anymore if you plan to film it and then let other people get enjoyment out of it. That's just being a good samaritan and paying it forward. Haley Joel Osment agrees with me.

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