Friday, February 11, 2011

Jonathan, start kicking the crap out of other mascots like this guy!

Holy. Shit. Yes. This is absolutely that UConn needs more of. Mascots who are willing to serve other mascots a beatdown. And out mascot is a Husky, so we're completely capable of being a force to be reckoned with in the mascot world. I actually (sadly) spend a significant amount of time on YouTube looking at videos of the Oregon Duck because he's just so freaking funny. He gropes cheerleaders, he grabs his fleshy patch of duck-genitalia and gestures violently to the other team, he BREAKDANCES. Jonathan The Husky just swaggers around and claps his hand and takes pictures with little kids. Everytime I see that mascot I think about how much better of a job I could do. Give me 20 minutes in that costume and there will be at least three crying children, severe tears in the other mascot's uniform, and free t-shirts for long as I get to use the t-shirt gun.

Come on, UConn, we can do better.

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