Monday, February 14, 2011

Marlon Brando knows how to work a lady

Dear Lady —

There is something not quite definable in your face — something lovely, not pretty in a conventionally thought of way. You have something graceful and tender and feminine (sp). You seem to be a woman who has been loved in her childhood, or else, somehow by the mystery of genetic phenomena you have been visited by the gifts of refinement, dignity and poise. Perhaps you cannot be accredited with all that.

Irrespective of your gothic aspects, you have passed something on in terms of your expression, mien and general comportment that is unusual and rewarding.

It's been a pleasant if brief encounter and I wish you well and I hope we shall have occasion to cross eyes again sometime.

Best wishes

Marlon Brando


What I wouldn't give to have Marlon Brando whisper sweet nothings into my ear all night. Calling me "not pretty in a conventional way" and "not accrediting me" with how pretty he thinks I am. I haven't seen the word "irrespective" since...well...never, and if somebody calls you Gothic and you're not trying to be, isn't that kind of insulting? Anyway, I guess this is how it goes when you're super famous and women are desperately trying to fuck you left and right to the point where your social etiquette skills are just completely out the window. You end up like the Edgar Allen Poe of romance over here spouting nonsense and calling people kinda pretty, but not really. I guess it's better than being called fat.

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