Friday, February 11, 2011

Aaron Carter, stop. Just stop.

After a month in rehab for what his manager calls "some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with,"
Aaron Carter is back to work. According to E! Online, the 23-year-old singer and Dancing with the Stars alum has checked out of the Betty Ford Center in Southern California and is back in his native Florida working on a new album.

Aaron, please, we're begging you. Stop making us listen to your garbage and enough with the comebacks. You will spend your life in the shadow of your older brother, and that guy's a total loser, too. Not only are you the most skeletal, gaunt looking fleshy excuse for a person I've ever seen, but you're so good at being a drug addict you should just go ahead and stick to that. "The Carters" was just a show about how much a trainwreck your family is, and that was some great television. America's loves you as a total shitshow, Aaron, so give the masses what they want. Take a hit of your crack pipe, then get out there and be somebody!

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