Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm back at school and that is nice

I've made my way back to UConn and things are just wonderful. I'm living in a sick apartment with my two best friends, and I am pretty much happy with the way everything is going.

However, today.... we started a little workout video called Insanity.

Now, this is no regular work out video. This is the mecca of workout videos; the mind-altering, body-morphing, cry-your-way-through-squats workout video that will have you gargling your intestines by the end. This shit makes Jillian Michaels' "No More Trouble Zones" look like a day at the kiddie pool.

If you need a visual, here it is

We started today with the highest of enthusiams. We were going to conquer this demon and make something of ourselves. We will look hot for Halloween, flaunting our six-packs and toned arms, parading around like a trio of fitness gurus with only two weeks left on October 31.

So we started the Fit Test. The warm-up was pretty straightforward and I was feeling pretty good. Jumping jacks, Heisman's, nothing too insane. Even some light stretching was involved. Is this all it takes to get in shape? why didn't I know this before?

Oh, how naive I was. We got into the fit test, where you complete each move for a minute before taking a break and moving on. It was only FIFTEEN MINUTES....and I nearly died. There were minute breaks, and I was on the verge of choking. This was the most intense, mind-blowing, heart-pounding workout I have ever done. and it was only fifteen fucking minutes.

I have no idea how I'm going to continue on to day 2, which is plyometrics and is an out of control 45 minutes long with ZERO breaks. In fact, the incredibly athletic-looking people in the video can't even do the damn workout...it's that hard. People are just walkin' off to get water and stopping and falling on the floor throughout the whole thing. And these people devote their lives to fitness.

I stil am excited to keep doing this, but I must say that I'm nervous for tomorrow. This shit better turn my body into Rihanna's.