Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainiest. Birthday. EVER.

I woke up this birthday morning to the pictured beautiful view out of my window:


Anyhoo, at about 8:45 I woke up naturally so I decided, with class at noon, I'd go get my workout over with. I put on my shorts and decided I'd hustle my ass over there without any sweats on.

Big Mistake.

As soon as I got to the gym, I realized that somewhere on my journey over there I dropped my key and my ID card (which are attached to each other). As I searched frantically through my bag the girl at the front of the gym went off about how I can use a non-refundable deposit to pay for it or something...little did she know getting into the gym was my last concern at the moment. If you lose your dorm key, they have to replace the lock on your door which costs $100. Yeah, it was time to panic.

I immediately retraced my steps like a maniac, scouring the wet and muddy ground for any glimmer of my key. No luck. I roamed my dorm and every place I covered that morning (which was pretty much the bathroom and back), and then sat on the floor and cried. I don't know why I decided crying was the best option in that situation, and looking back I completely overreacting. At the time, however, I was stuck in shorts and a t-shirt, wet, cold, and just overall not ready to deal with such a catastrophe at so early in the morning. I felt so defeated and not even a birthday was going to redeem the day.

I called "The Front Desk" (the vague descriptor of the people who will unlock your door if you happen to be so unfortunate as to lock yourself out) and I waited patiently outside of my room for about 40 minutes until someone finally came to let me in. At around 9:30, I realized that I shouldn't just mope around in my room hoping my key will fall from the sky, so I went back to the gym to relieve some of the adrenaline from my veins and recuperate from the trauma I was suffering.

I also kept my phone diligently by my hand in case I got in e-mail to my blackberry about it..
LO AND BEHOLD, about twenty minutes later I receive an e-mail saying someone picked up my keycard and it was nearby! I raced over there to retrieve it, and I can happily say that i am now blogging in the comfort of my dorm, sitting pretty because it's my birthday and I'm not locked out of my own residence.

I went to the dining hall immediately after I got my keycard back only to have someone hand it to me for a second time. I dropped it in the lunchline.

My keycard is currently attached to my belt loop...and it will be for the rest of the week.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like there was a lot of drama but on the plus side, there's something really cozy about rain. I don't know, I always like it... :)