Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Connecticut is damn cold

I love to run. This is a pretty recent development, because I just started running outside this summer. When I first started, I literally huffed and puffed my way through a half mile and swore to myself that running was the devil manifested in a form of cardio and I should stay away. But my sister was doing it and she still looked like she may not be possessed by demons so I stayed with it through the summer.

After about a month, I realized why people really, really like it. It's not about running yourself ragged, it's about getting yourself into a pace, feeling a rhythm, and just giving yourself a moment of peace. I could run for miles and miles now and have to consciously limit my runs, particularly lately after a knee injury has been making several outings painful. That said, if any of you are looking to get into running, keep in mind I was the laziest person ever and if I can get my ass onto the pavement, anyone can.

That said, running through the Connecticut winter has taken some serious willpower. When I first step outside I sometimes want to run back into my house or dorm and curl up in a ball under my covers. I have to really layer up, and I'm not the type to invest in modern running gear so I make do with what I've got. That is, hobo mittens, fleece leggings, a fleece top (meant for snowboarding...something I'm heinous at), and an earband. Classy.

I also run with a full size ipod attached to my arm. Cool.

I am NOT by any means a winter person. In fact, I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and moved to CT when I was 10. I sucked at snowboarding, and I sucked even worse at skiing. I hate the treadmill--I'll do it if I'm left with no other options--and I REALLY like being outside. I guess that's how I found myself running in the winter. Oh, the choices we make.

This is my sister (left), my cousin (middle), and me in the pool in Dallas. Cool goggles, Elise!! Those were some happy days
Anyhoo, growing up I loved sports, but I was not particularly athletic. Basically, I was just kind of lazy. I played defense in soccer so I didn't have to run, and I also ate like shit. I was little so I didn't care.
See that girl in the front with the bag and jacket? That's me. With disturbingly high pants. Never let your mom dictate what level your garments should be worn.
Anyway, the point of this whole schpeil is that being active did not come naturally to me, I really had to train myself to want to work out and be healthy. So stick with it, tiger.
ANYWAY, today is kind of a big day because I am going to the UConn vs. Pittsburgh game, yay! I am going to a friend's house beforehand so I'll probably be taking some pictures of the whole outing. GO HUSKIES!

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