Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Morning

Hungover morning, actually. The first night of UConn started off with a bang at the bar. We had to get there by 9:45 so we wouldn't get carded, so the drinking started off early. Unfortunately there was no pre-game and I didn't want to bring my camera to the bar, so I only took these couple photos of the roommate and I right after we got dressed.

If they look awkward, that's because they are. Self-timers are so uncomfortable.

Anyway, so nobody was down to pay $8 per drink, so we ended up sneaking in water bottles of alcohol and then stealing cups off tables to pour them into. Gross? Yes. Necessary? Definitely. As good as the real thing!

The dancing was great, I was so happy to just be going wild and me and this gay kid at one point just starting dancing like crazy to "Single Ladies", literally I was struggling to keep up with him because we were going at it so intensely.

At about midnight my 6 shot drink started to really kick in (I'm not much of a tank of you haven't noticed, and my tolerance definitely went down over break), so the wave of exhaustion hit me and I decided to bounce and meet up with two friends who were originally supposed to go to the bar but didn't make it before it became 21+. I got into my jammies and they met me at my room and we shot the shit for a little and then I passed out. It was a fun night to kick the semester off to, and I even have a regular parking pass now! I sense a good semester :)

Have a good day!

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