Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dance Dance Revolution

So last weekend I went to a Girltalk concert and oh. my. god. what an amazing experience that was. You haven't discovered dehydration until you're dancing for 2 hours to this man mashing up songs. He played everything from Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" to Ke$sha's "Tik Tok" to every rap song imaginable. It was such a high-intensity concert and Girltalk (who's real name is greg but seriously, i'm calling him Girltalk) was so high energy. He jumped up and down the entire time and didn't rest once. You go, Girltalk. You go.

The best part of the concert was WE WERE ON STAGE! My friend was dressed so ridiculous (a lot of people were...I didn't get the memo) that one of the people running the show asked him if he wanted to dance next to Girltalk when the show started. My friend then asked if he could bring his friends onstage, too. The people were hesitant, but by that time we had all stuck out our arms for wristbands so the woman handing them out really couldn't say no.

I wish we had gotten some photos, but unfortunately my friend only managed to track down this incredibly random one that is not only out-of-focus, but at an (artistic?) Dutch Angle:

I'm on the far right in the blue plaid and black leggings.

By the end of the show I was literally dripping....DRIPPING, DRENCHED, SOAKED in sweat. my shirt was completely saturated with it. I was so thirsty I started picking up water bottles off of the ground and drinking them. Yes, gross, but it was either die of thirst or drink questionable water.

Anyway, good news! My eco-column "The Green Scene" for the university newspaper, The Daily Campus, is off to a good start! You can read the articles I have written here:

Hope you like!

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