Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cookie Deliciousness


Elise was making cookies for her boyfriend and his roommates and asked me for some help. I love to bake so I gladly obliged.

We made reese's peanut butter cup cookies that were originally supposed to be rolled in corn flakes. However, Elise, for one reason or another, bought Special K (a rice-based cereal), so we tried our luck with graham cracker crumbs instead.

Fry, baby. Fry.
They turned out even better with the graham because it was some added sweetness. Elise waiting for her cookies to cook was like a toddler looking out the window for Santa.
Our dad deemed himself official taste tester as soon as they came out of the oven. Elise didn't even have time to tell him they were hot before he was chomping down on one of those suckers. He approved of their deliciousness. So did we. Now she just has to find a place to hide them so he doesn't eat the rest tonight, something he's infamous for accomplishing while we're all unsuspectingly sleeping.

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