Saturday, January 16, 2010

packing's OVER!

All packed!

The green bag is purely shoes. Sometimes I embarrass myself with how girly I can be

It took way less time than I thought it would...I'm probably forgetting something really important, like the computer I'm typing on.

I have an extra bag out for all the crap I find that I want to throw in there at the last second, but other than out I'm officially out tomorrow. This break was officially the laziest one I've ever had. I didn't work and I sat on my ass pretty much the whole time (minus working out/running). I liked it a lot, haha.

Tomorrow I'll pick up some things at the grocery store and then the debauchery will begin Sunday night. There's no classes Monday which probably means people will go particularly insane.

On another note, some good news today. A week or so ago I had an extremely random and lucky encounter with a woman who happened to be an avid blogger and a well paid Internet freelance writer. She explained to me that she is starting up a magazine that focuses on Eco-friendly living and told me to submit anything I had. Well, I took her up on this offer, cranked out a quick article for my school paper and forwarded it over to her. She asked me to write TWO more articles that I will get paid for. I'm SO excited for this, I wrote one already but I'm working on ideas for another. The issue doesn't come out for three more months so I have some time, but I want to get it done before the work from school starts piling in.

That's about it, have a good night!

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