Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to my old ways

I'm going to go back to veganism for awhile. It was something a dabbled with freshman year when I lived super-close to the vegan dining hall on campus (something I still wish was part of my life), but I gave it up when I was consciously trying to put on weight and I rediscovered my love of ice cream.

That said, I've been eating like total shit lately. Ice cream, cookies, just WAY too much crap food that is not good in any way. I'm not saying that eating this stuff is bad. I just have been overloading on it and the damage has taken its toll. Eating vegan reminds me what whole, nutritious food is like...something i need to be brought back to.

Anyway, I started out today but then caved and bought a yogurt. There was nothing nutritious where I was, so yeah, bad start. BUT the point is to ease myself into it and to recognize when I'm reaching for something that is yucky and devoid of nutrients. I know how to make good choices, I just need to put the concept into practice.

But anyway, veganism generally is not hard for me because I've never liked meat, but I'm slightly allergic to soymilk (my stomach gets very queasy when i drink too much of it and my throat will tighten), so that might be a little tough to get around. I'm going to try to water it down. That said, some things will definitely be hard for me to give up.

To name a few:

1. ICE CREAM. i have a huge love affair with ice cream. Especially on campus, they have so many flavors that I literally lose my mind sometimes.

2. chocolate. I hate dark chocolate, and milk chocolate is just so, so yummy.

3. cookies. The milk and eggs unfortunately make this not vegan, and that totally sucks.

I also want to preface this with I am not overly conscious about this. I don't avoid certain ingredients like that plague because they are a byproduct of a chemical once found in an animal that lived on Pangaea. Basically, i don't read ingredients in-depth. Also, if I'm ever at a super nice restaurant where eating vegan just isn't an option, I will abandon it. I don't ever want to have to be accommodated--although people are generally super nice about that--so I just will suck it up when I need to.

Wish me luck on my endeavors :)

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