Friday, February 26, 2010

the joys of a major diet change

So literally the second I started this new food switch my body purged itself of...everything. I knew this would happen because every time I go vegan the lack of shit in my body makes my system go nuts. It might be a product of me feeling a little under the weather as well, but either way, it was a serious cleanse.

I still am cheating slightly on the veganism (i put skim milk in my cereal since soymilk has been making my throat itch horribly) and i caved and ate a mini snickers. I blame hormones. Either way, if I keep eating cereal i might have to stick to skim milk with it. I don't want to keep having an allergic reaction every time I eat, and its not worth it when I can just put skim milk in it. I've been experimenting with rice milk, but lately my dining hall has only had chocolate rice milk, which is not really a prime ingredient for cereal. Besides those two things, I've been doing good.

Being far from Whitney (the vegan dining hall) makes this diet infinitely more difficult. Whitney makes meals that are awesome for vegans: bourbon tofu, tempeh and broccoli stir fry, bao balls, they cater so well to those wanting to follow the lifestyle. The other dining halls...not so much. I find myself making hummus sandwiches and eating TONS of boca burgers when i'm stuck at any other dining hall on campus. They usually have some sort of vegan option, but it's usually something like white rice and beans or pasta primavera. Just following vegan guidelines isn't good enough for me. i want to choose whole grains and filling foods, and neither of those fit that category in my opinion.

Despite the hassle, I love being vegan. Once i figured out good protein sources, I could tell my body liked it. It opened my eyes to eating pure and whole foods, and to not automatically reach for cookies because they taste good. When I go vegan, my body adapts itself to a diet with less sugar and salt, and it's like bringing myself back to where I want to be nutritionally. I can let myself get really out of whack sometimes, and I definitely did this semester. I was eating ice cream twice a day, and sometimes just wandering around the dining hall picking at baked goods and fried food thinking that it didn't make a difference. i'm ready to get past all of that.

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