Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank God

...It's FRIDAY! After a long week of tests and quizzes, I could not be happier that its the weekend. I ended this awesome week on a great note, which was most likely failing the hardest quiz I've ever taken in my entire life. Some of the question I truly felt like I was reading hieroglyphics.

Yesterday was pretty fun, however. A friend from the fraternity ZBT invited me to play beer pong with him in a boy-girl tournament. We made it through the preliminary round-robin to win our division, but lost in the first round of the tournament :( I still had fun though and I was glad I went. I never do anything like that and I love meeting new people, which I definitely did last night! I also knocked a beer bottle onto two people sitting on the couch which was stellar.

Anyway, on a sadder note, UCONN is raising its tuition over 5 percent.

This is very saddening. People already can't afford school, and the school can't afford to keep running. I feel like everyone is backed into a corner and nobody can pay their way out of this mess. The federal reserve today announced they are going to start raising bank interest rates on loans so money isn't coming out of every direction that doesn't even exist, but I can't stand to read more people losing their jobs anymore. I look around me and see so many kids who parents are out of work struggling to keep their daughter or son in college and you just have no idea who's suffering and who's not. I'm so lucky to have parents who both are still working, and even though we've been affected there's so many worse situations out there, it hurts my heart. I want everything to go back to normal but this bad economy is so global, even entire COUNTRIES are affected. Germany has to bail out Greece. That's one ENTIRE country bailing out another. It's just a horrible, horrible situation.

Before I get to down on myself thinking about how shitty the state of things are, I am going to sign off and remind myself its the WEEKEND and that is a very good thing, and even if you are living weekend to weekend and only get excited for two measly days out of seven, that's better than nuthin'.

Have a super, duper Friday Night!

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