Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I had to sit through 3 hour and fifteen minute classes today before I could get outside. It was not easy. The entire time I was literally itching in my seat and by the end of my last class I was so antsy I think my professor let us go just because she saw me squirming. I guess I'm immature when it comes to nice weather.

I ran back to my dorm after class and got dressed and was out the door runnig 15 minutes later and it was stupendous. I cranked out just under 8 miles with an average of 9:10 splits, which considering how much less i've been running, is amazing for me. The new weather has inspired me to start running more...I couldn't take any more of these dreary runs. PLUS, I don't have to haul my ass out of my warm bed anymore at 8 in the morning (shhh...that's early for me) because we pushed the clocks ahead and now it stays light out past six!

So anyway, over break we bought furniture for the apartment I'm living in next year. I'm really excited because my mother let me get a full sized bed and that's glorious. I also might be scheduling all of my classes on tuesdays and thursdays so I only have to drive to campus twice a week. Oh, the possibilities!

It all is coming down to advising appointments though, which my professors definitely don't go out of their ways to schedule. One told me i need to go through her secretary (seriously?), but that's pretty good compared to my other one who has yet to respond to me at all. I need to come up with a plan of study, and I feel like juggling an idea between two different advisors is going to be a bit of a challenge. Or maybe they don't care at all, which is more likely.

Regardless, this weather has put me in a GREAT mood and tomorrow is st. patrick's day which is even better.

I think I might go roll arond in the grass, bye bye.

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