Friday, March 12, 2010

break should be shorter

I feel like I missed out this break. A friend of mine grabbed a group of friends to go to NYC for two days and she forgot to call me because it was "last minute." Not the greatest friend in my opinion, but oh well.

Some friends also invited me to FL to build houses and such for the week, but I turned it down because it was $200 and I thought I would have too much work to go. I DID have a lot of work, so it might've been better I didn't go, but the new york thing kind of upset me. I shouldn't have expected anything really different from this person and maybe it wasn't entirely her fault, but another friend was asking me why i didn't go and nobody ever even informed me a trip was in the works. I guess I just kind of felt left out. I'm sure nobody meant anything by it, but still...kind of sucks.

Anyway, I'm ready to get back to school. Home is super boring, nobody else is around except for one friend, and hanging out with my parent's is driving me to my breaking point. Also, when I'm home all I do is brew thoughts in my head about Casey and I don't want to be stuck in the mindset. If i get back to school, it'll take my mind off things.

I'm also just really hungry and waiting for my mom to get home with Chinese food. That's probably making me cranky. I'm just really, really sick of break.

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