Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sad, sad news.

One of my best friends from high school, Casey, passed away today.

I can't even begin to describe the amazing person Casey was. She was funny, kind, always knew how to make you laugh, and probably one of the most talented people I ever knew. She was an amazing filmmaker and she was even voted "Most Likely To Be Famous" in our graduating class at Miss Porter's. I always joked with her that she had to let me be her "manager" when she was famous since I probably wouldn't have a job and she'd be filthy rich.

Casey was diagnosed with cancer our junior year, and she was out of school most of our senior year.

Casey with one of our teachers in the hospital while getting Chemotherapy

Honestly, when I heard the news, I almost didn't even think twice about it. I just kind of assumed she would be fine because she was the Casey I always knew and loved. She was fine, too. She would joke about how the steroids would make her want to eat steak for breakfast, and we tried to contact Andrew McMahon a few times using her cancer as the connecting factor in their lives. She also asked for a jet plane from the "Make a Wish Foundation" (she settled on a hot tub). That's the kind of person she was, laughing and joking throughout the whole thing. She never once showed how much she was hurting or suffering. She even ended up making it to prom that year.

Casey and I at prom.

I got the call early today. Apparently some tumors had resurfaced, and she needed a bone marrow transplant. Her doctors were shutting down her immune system so she wouldn't reject the marrow, and she caught an infection. Her body just couldn't fight it off.T

The whole thing has been so shocking and sad. Casey deserved so much better than to be fighting this horrible disease for so many years, and she had such a future. She lived so big, and I can't even imagine all the things she was going to do and the great person she was going to be. She had the rare gift to be able to reach a lot of people and make her voice heard, and for the world to lose her is a tragedy.

I want people to know the great person Casey was. I could review in my head all the ways I could've been a better friend to her these last few months (we hadn't spoken as much when we were both at separate colleges), but I realized I want to remember her for all the fun we had. She kept me sane at all-girls school, and I could never repay her. I know she would not want me to be so upset (she'd probably have a joke about this right about now), but it's hard knowing that somebody so amazing is gone.

Rest in peace, Casey. I will never, ever forget you.

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  1. Oh my gosh - my prayers are totally with you and her family. I had a friend pass away (a long time ago now) from a similar situation and I make it a point to just keep her alive in my memory as a tribute.