Sunday, April 4, 2010

mmmmm, spring.

Sorry it's been awhile, the last few weeks have been...hell, to put it mildly.

I had three exams last week, falling on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Basically, I had been studying since last Tuesday about (yeah, I get going early when it comes to studying) and my life had ceased to exist.

Enter study aide. As a blog that shares my experiences, I feel compelled to tell about my life in the most undiluted fashion possible, so I'm not going to filter myself. To study last week I tried Adderall. I took half a capsule one day at about 10:30 in the morning, and it DEFINITELY got me going...for a while. I ended up losing all motivation before I even wanted to study, so I decided the next day I'd take a little later. Big, big, HEINOUSLY HUGE mistake.

I stayed up until 7 in the morning. Laying in bed. Staring up at the bed above me. It was horrible. Strangely, however, after only about two hours of sleep I wasn't actually very tired, which worried me.

This brings us to Thursday. The week was already shitty; it was rainy and miserable, and I had been studying straight through it all. Nothing was good about the week. However, on Thursday it was like God put a halt on everything terrible and the clouds parted and it was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. After peeing my pants during class because I wanted to get out so badly, I literally booked it back to my dorm and into my running clothes. Not only was it freaking gorgeous out, but I hadn't run in about two weeks. I had only been going to the gym and using the Squirrelliptical (as Kath from likes to call it). I was doing intervals of 2 minute rest and 1 minute intensity and was really liking it, so I stuck to it. By Thursday however, I was ready to run again.

And man, I ran. I covered ten glorious miles and loved (pretty much) every second of it.

The next day I ran another 4.5.

The next day was the TKE 5K for Autism Speaks. I had no intentions to run this, but I was up so I decided to head over. Everyone knows I run a lot nowadays, and so I was thinking I'd be pretty embarrassed if I ended up doing terrible on the run. However, to my surprise I ran it in 23:48 and took 4th for the girls! I actually thought I got 3rd place, but a sneaky little runner girl was way ahead of the two girls I saw in front of me, so i just missed the prizes. Oh well.

So now I just got back from another 8.25 miles and nobody is on campus because it's Easter Weekend. I didn't go home. Last time I went home I ended up just being super bored and fighting with my Dad a lot, so I decided to not go through the hassle. It's better this way.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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