Saturday, July 24, 2010

My dog is overweight.

My family has a long history of overfeeding its animals. It's not that we're bad pet-owners, in fact, it's the opposite. We're too nice to our pets, so whenever they give us sad kitty or sad puppy eyes, we take this as an opportuinity to valiantly win their affection back. We do this by feeding them until they can only slosh around on the floor like amoebas.

While it's pretty damn cute when we had a cat double it's normal weight (Rest in peace, little Fluffy), an obese dog that thinks she is a cat is not as great. Particuarly during thunderstorms, when she absolutely flips out and climbs onto anyone close to her...and since i'm home and jobless all the time now, that person is usually me.

I love my dog, i do, but she has a serious weight problem. We thought at first maybe she was just husky and it was all fur, but then she got shaved and she is really just a fat dog. She doesn't seem to mind though, so I guess I'll just go feed her now.

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